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Agrimoor Deity
The holy symbol of Tiamat.

Titles The Dark Goddess
Mother of Dragons
Mother of the Gods
Mother of Monsters
the Primordial Goddess
the Dragon Queen
Mother of Chaos
Queen of Chaos
Home Plane The Dragon Aerie
Power Level Greater
Gender Feminine
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Domains Chaos, Creation (former),
Destruction, Dragons,
Hatred, Seas/Oceans

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Tiamat (PRONOUNCED: /TI-AMAT/ TEE-a-maht) is the goddess of the Primordial Chaos and Dragons. Before entering the pantheon of Ardús, she was a member of the Sumerian pantheon of earth. She is said to be the creator of humans, dragons, and all the gods after she fell to Ardús. Following her death at the hands of Marduk the goddess sought to watch over her own creation. She does not recall her time before entering Ardûs, but the hatred she bore prior to death never released the goddess. And soon, her hatred festered into a desire to corrupt and destroy, and Tiamat unleashed a wrathful vengeance upon all life and the gods.

The symbol of Tiamat depicts a three-headed dragon.


Although Tiamat can take the form of any avatar she desires, the dark goddess favors a few specific forms, that of a multi-headed dragon and a human form.

Tiamat most often takes the form of a five-headed dragon. Typically, each head is represented by each of the colors of the evil, chromatic dragons (red, blue, green, black, and white). But she can also maintain the powers of each when manifesting herself as a dragon of any color, provided she has one head for each elemental power to be used.

When seeking to interfere in mortal affairs, Tiamat will take on the avatar of a beautiful, raven-haired sorceress. Tempting the will and hearts of man with ease. Taking pleasure in toying and corrupting the threads of fate, encouraging the mortals unlucky to catch her gaze into unwittingly furthering the dark goddess' will on the material plane.


Tiamat is hateful, spiteful and vain. Quick to anger this goddess is not known to forgive any trespass against her. Although she once loved her mortal creations, Tiamat has grown to despise them, regarding mortals as only useful pawns in her schemes. Tiamat is obsessed with obtaining more power that she might fully dominate every god and all of reality to be destroyed and reshaped to her whim.


Tiamat's home plane, The Dragon Aerie, was created as a place to spawn her monsters and dragon brood before unleashing them upon Ardûs. It also later became an impenetrable sanctuary following her failed war against the gods and creation. The Dragon Aerie is a desolate plane of jagged mountains and floating islands. A deep red haze is visible only vaguely through the torrential dust storms which batter the skies and landscape of this plane. Although not confirmed, some scholars believe that The Dragon Aerie is but one of the many Hells.



Many dragons, of all alignments, have worshiped Tiamat since they were first birthed on Ardûs.


Of all worshipers of Tiamat, only the truly evil-aligned who would seek to further her goals of placing the world under her dominion may receive her gifts.

The church and clergy of Tiamat are comprised of a secretive and strict hierarchy. Tasked with spreading their influence, sabotaging other faiths, and reviving the bloodlines of pure Elder Dragons, clerics of Tiamat are especially adept at the art of diplomacy and information gathering. Her clerics actively hunt good-aligned dragons and kill any evil dragons who disavow the Mother of Monsters.



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