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A wiki guide for the World of Agrimoor©, a TTRPG setting from Meliora Henning.

This setting overall is an analogue of various cultures as seen on Earth, some have been mixed, others twisted or inverted, and some are (debatably) brand new. However, the mission of Agrimoor has been, and always will be, "To create a world of dark, epic fantasy, with a healthy dose of swords & sorcery."

It is highly recommended that you utilize this setting with the Castles & Crusades or Pathfinder 2E RPG systems for the best results and to enjoy the intended feeling of the setting at large Free C&C 7th Print PDF. Other recommended TTRPGs that suit this setting would be Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e, Dragon AGE, Savage Worlds, The Witcher TRPG.

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