The Vale of Shadows

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The Vale of Shadows
Titles The Underworld
The Plane of Death
The Shadow Plane
Sphere Inner Sphere
Gravity Normal
Time Normal
Realm Immeasurable
Structure Morphic
Essence Mixed
Alignment Mildly Neutral
Magic Occult enhanced
Divine impeded
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Description Dark reflection of the
Material Plane

The Vale of Shadows is a dark, warped reflection of the Material Plane. A plane where the denizens and magick have taken a horrific and tarnished corruption of their counterparts on the Material Plane.


The Vale is connected to the Material Plane via the Astral Plane, and much of the Vale of Shadows contains similar, albeit distorted features mirrored by their uncorrupted counterpart in the Material Plane. It's not uncommon for a city in the Material to appear within the Vale as ruins and may even contain a distorted representation of the location's peoples. Items within these areas can also become copied within the Vale of Shadows in their respective locations. Whether or not they become corrupted by the influence of this plane if up to chance. These locations come into the Vale through the aid of either dark magicks or when the veil between realities becomes thinned at a specific locale.

As far as distance is concerned there is no true continuity between the planes. So anyone who traverses between these locations may wind up hundreds to thousands of miles from the location entered from the Material. In addition to this, anyone who returns to the Material Plane from the Vale of Shadows must make a check to not only retain their memories of what occurred there, but also to determine how much corruption integrated with their mind, body, and/or spirit.


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Places of Interest

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