Stygian Chronometry

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Stygian Chronometry

Players Hailee - Boquilla
Laura - Kalliope
Matt - TBD
Tony - Azir

Guest Player(s) None to-date

Game System Pathfinder 2nd Edition

No. of Sessions 0

Running Time ± 3 hours

First Session 2024-XX-XX
Last Session XXXX-XX-XX

Stygian Chronometry is the second campaign of Mel's Home Group. It is set on the continent of Artekaia and begins in (yyy/dd) to-be-determined year/day, within a new campaign setting.


Player Character Race Class
Hailee Boquilla Leshy Druid
Laura Kalliope Gnome Witch
Matt TBD Half-Elf Summoner
Tony Azir Tengu Ranger
Meliora The Dungeon Master

Campaign Arc Summaries

Arc First Session Last Session
Arc 1: The New World Example Example