Random Locations

From World of Agrimoor
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  • Temporal Spire of the Cabalistic Scholar
  • Double Keep of the Slug Apprentice
  • Sunken Spire of the Crimson Actor
  • Circuitous Asylum of the Wasp Gatherer
  • Dilapidated Cottage of the Man-Eating Monks
  • Black Aviary of the Crippled Idol
  • Poisoned Hut of the Leech Whisperer
  • Collapsing Crags of the Brain Weaver

  • Reversible Contrivance of the Wraith God
  • Heliotropic Sanctuary of the Poisonous Eyeball (Thadrakis the Contagion)
  • Crimson Bridge of the Bear Harpies
  • Unsealed Cliffs of the Skeletal Monster
  • Shunned Shrine of the Armored Spider(s)
  • Offshore Spire of the Reawakened Satyr
  • Lethargy-Labyrinth of the Leopard Naga
  • Cunning Dimension of the Villainous Golem
  • Walled Sanctuary of the Genius Mushroom


  • Individual: Incriminate or frame Bailiff
  • Item: Ship Map
  • Individual: Capture or arrest agent or diplomat
  • Event: Plan and execute coup d'stat or rebellion
  • Event: Escape from duel
  • Item: Salvage from dangerous place, Monster
  • Individual: Spy upon actor (famous)
  • Event: Sabotage exploration/mapping expedition
  • Location: Locate intruder/spy fort
  • Location: Protect from infiltration stockade
  • Location: Infiltrate and control castle
  • Item: Retake fortified building or manor