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Agrimoor Deity
The holy symbol of Imelyen.

Titles The Warrior Goddess
Lady Justice
Home Plane Paradise
Power Level Greater
Gender Feminine
Alignment Lawful
Domains Fire, Justice, Order,
Honor, War

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Imelyen (PRONOUNCED: /ɪm-el-yen/ IM-el-YEN) is youngest and most passionately driven of the Varcian gods.


Imelyen is depicted as a beautiful, red-haired human woman clad in shimmering armor decorated with gold. In her left hand she carries a shield bearing her holy symbol and in her right, held aloft is a longsword engulfed in holy fire.





Pathfinder 2e Stats

Edicts Fight for justice and honor, be honorable and forthright, hold valor in your heart
Anathema Abandon a companion in need, refuse a challenge from an equal, show mercy to enemies of your people
Areas of Concern Honor, justice, order, protection, and valor
Follower Alignments LG, NG

Divine Ability Strength or Constitution
Divine Font heal
Divine Skill Intimidation
Favored Weapon Longsword
Domains Might, truth, duty, protection
Alternate Domains Zeal
Cleric Spells 1st: true strike, 2nd: enlarge, 4th: fire shield