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The Universal Sphere is a term that encompasses all of the planes of existence that make up any singular universe within the multiverse. These realities are far beyond that of the Material, the home of the gods and the blueprints of the universe itself. Where the realities densely coalesce is where each plane takes shape within any universe. With locations lacking in any significant concentration being expressed in the Material plane as areas of Dark Matter or Cosmic Voids.

There are X major planes that comprise each Universal Sphere, represented as two spheres: the Inner Sphere and the Outer Sphere. What connects the spheres is the Astral Plane. Meanwhile at the core of and encompassing the external membrane of each Universal Sphere lies the Void. While the Universal Sphere has been visually represented as a sphere, this is the only comprehensible means by which a mortal may come to any semblance understanding about the dimensions and potential order of the planes of existence.

Inner Sphere

Reflected Planes

Elemental Planes

Transitory/Connective Plane

Astral Plane

Main article: Astral Plane

The Astral Plane surrounds and permeates the empty spaces of the Inner Sphere, and is the connective membrane between the Inner and Outer Planes.

Outer Sphere

The Outer Sphere is home to the alignments, the gods and their home planes.

Lower Hemisphere

Upper Hemisphere


Planar Traits
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