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Image caption for planet.

Type Earth-Like
Radius 4,623.7 mi
7,441.12 km
Satellites Lunarael
Satellite of Solestrel
Orbital Distance 92.9 mil mi
149.6 mil km
Day Length 24 Hours
Year Length 363 Days

Inhabitants of Ardûs
Locations on Ardûs
Organizations of Ardûs

Ardûs is the name of the planet on which the World of Agrimoor campaign setting is located. Ardûs has an axial tilt of 25 degrees, causing only slightly more extremes in temperature in different seasons than that which would be experienced on Earth.



  • Estora: The westernmost portion of Ardûs' eastern supercontinent, a diverse landscape inhabited by numerous races and cultures, including humans, elves, half-elves, and gnomes.
  • Skarda: The southernmost portion of Ardûs' eastern supercontinent, an arid, dry landscape inhabited by humans, half-elves, and countless dangerous creatures.
  • Idovrid: The central portion of Ardûs' eastern supercontinent.
  • Arngost: Ardûs' large western continent, largely unexplored.
  • Norvellic: An icy continent positioned at Ardûs' north pole. This frozen land has not yet been explored.
  • Vastigil: The massive continent of ice residing at Ardûs' south pole. This hostile frozen waste has yet to be explored.


Ardûs' – Moon System